Accommodation Offer

  • House Features

    House Features

    Apartments Morska Vila (Sea Fairy) Karbuni Korcula accommodation  apartments in the house just on the beach. Comfortable accommodation in the…


  • Apartment 1

    Apartment 1

    Two bedrooms apartment for 4+1 persons. Apartment 1 has a spacious terrace with a view to the sea plus lodge…


  • Apartment 2

    Apartment 2

    Comfortable two bedrooms apartment for 4+2 persons. Apartment 2 with a big terrace with a view to the sea. Spacious…


  • Apartment 3

    Apartment 3

    Apartment 3 with one bedroom for 2+1 persons. Terrace with a view to the sea, just above the beach. Air…


  • Apartment 4

    Apartment 4

    One bedroom apartment for 2+1 persons. Spacious terrace with a view to the sea. Just above the beach. Air condition,…